Golden Eagle Information Centre

The golden eagle is a true icon of wild Scotland and the undisputed ruler of the skies. Often considered a Highlands specialist, many people are unaware there has always been a south Scotland population of these majestic birds.

From east to west, numbers were once healthy with the Golden Eagle playing an important part as an apex predator in the ecosystem. Over the last couple of centuries, human activity and changes in land use has caused populations in the south to fall as low as 3 breeding pairs.

This is where the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project comes in. Through a series of translocations and greater cooperation between stakeholders, the Project aims to increase numbers and prevent the loss of this wonderful species from southern skies.

Alongside their core conservation work, the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project has teamed up with Philiphaugh Estates to bring you The Eyrie: eagle information point. Situated inside the Waterwheel Cafe, discover more about the project and its work to ensure golden eagles thrive once more across the south of Scotland.

Through a series of informative displays, learn about the history of eagles, the pressures they face, their habits and habitat as well as the translocation process. Interactive displays include a Guess Who style game and bird of prey identification sound board.

The Eyrie is open alongside the café, everyday from 10am to 4pm.

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